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Part II: Is Gravity Getting You Down?

The literal answer, yes, is discussed in Part I.  The figurative answer is also yes.  When we think of our body language it’s in relation to how it influences other people.  What we don’t realize is that their is another audience, ourselves.  Our postures also influence how we feel about ourselves.  More importantly, we can use this knowledge to change our attitudes.  According researcher and psychologist Dr. Amy Cuddy, two minutes a day can change your life by “power posing”.  Her research involved studying stress hormones in various open (powerful) and closed (weak) postures.  It turns out that power posing reduces stress hormones and improves our mental state and performance. (1) Dr. Cuddy delivers an incredible 20 minute TED Talk on her research. (2)  It’s amazing.  Our body posture can “govern how we think and feel about our selves”.  You can “change your body (and) change your mind”.  

Dr. Arthur is an Associate Non-Medical Staff member, Spine Program, Department of Orthopaedics, Vancouver Acute Community of Care (VGH, 2012 - Present). For more about Dr. Arthur view his CV.



1. Carney DR, Cuddy AJ and Yap AJ.  Power posing: brief nonverbal displays affect neuroendocrine levels and risk tolerance.  Psychol Sci 2010; 21:1363-8.

2.  TED Talks: 


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