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Extended Warranty Programs

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

There is an explosion of anti-aging science currently underway.  And while it’s about living longer, it’s also about living a long health-span.   After all, no one wants to live long without quality of life.  Enjoying travel, grandchildren and being active when you’re 85 would be fantastic.  But living the last 20-30 years of a longer life with a chronic pain or serious disease wouldn’t be much fun.  Chances are though, you will be living longer, healthy or otherwise.  The average life expectancy in Canada in 1900 was 48 years, today it’s over 82. (1) 

Chronic skeletal pain and degeneration wouldn’t be much of an issue in the early 1900’s, we didn't live long enough to experience that much of it.  Today in Canada, the prevalence of chronic pain (pain for more than 6 months) in adults over 36 increases from 19% up to 25-30% in adults 55.  This figure doesn’t include recurrent problems that come and go. Neck, upper and lower back account for 60% of the anatomical sites among chronic pain suffers with multiple sites. (2,3) What if one could slow degenerative changes and reduce pain? 

Each of our three spinal curves has an area that takes most of the strain (loads) against gravity. Known as ‘gravitational loading bearing’ (GLB), these areas are typically where everyone develops stiffness, pain and disc degeneration.  Minimizing degenerative changes and preventing pain means keeping these GLB areas from stiffening.  Becoming a living fossil is not preordained.  It requires keeping GLB areas flexible.  Science suggests that spine flexibility exercises alone can reduce degeneration by 20% to 30%. (4)  Do what 50-somethings do.... when you're 75!

Rejuvenate your spine and prevent pain and degeneration. It’s time!  Extend your spine’s warranty with regular flexibility exercises.  Stay Younger - Feel Younger!  

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About the Author:

In 2015, Dr. Arthur received the "Award of Excellence" from the British Columbia Chiropractic Association.  For more about Dr. Arthur view his CV.




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